Keanu Reeves’ Comic Book Will Be Coming To Netflix Soon

He couldn’t get the role of Wolverine, so he makes his own better story… 

What is it about?
The first comic in his comic book series takes place in modern-day America with the main character called B, who agrees to work with the U.S. government that works on him like a science experiment he is mortal half-god that is cursed with is thrilled of violence. 
What got the actor into comic book writing?
‘BRZRKR’ Keanu Reeves’s first comic book was written with the help of comic book writer and artist Matt Kindt. Once Reeves started writing, he even asked his friend and director of “John Wick” if too much action and gore were okay for the story plot.
Will it be a Netflix series?
Yes, it will as a live animated series produced and directed by Keanu Reeves himself. Kind of funny that he went ahead with making his comic series a little like Wolverine as he wasn’t cast in the role years ago and lost it to Hugh Jackman.

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