Nicholas Cage’s Bizarre Pyramid Tomb

Actor Nicholas Cage seems to have a bizarre relationship with the city of New Orleans. In the past, he has purchased historic landmarks in the city including the LaLaurie Mansion and the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. In 2009, Cage, who is originally from Long Beach in California, took this interest in New Orleans to another level when he purchased his tomb in the city’s infamous and supposedly haunted St. Louis Cemetery.

Pre-planning your own tomb during the prime of your successful acting career seems odd enough, but to take things to another level in the context of the tomb itself. It is a giant white pyramid without a name, with the Latin phrase “Omnia Ab Uno” written across the top. This translates to “Everything From One” which seems vague and cryptic, to say the least. Some believe it is simply an homage to Cage’s movie National Treasure, but others believe a more creepy scenario could be in play. The St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is home to the tomb of Marie Laveau, the famous “Voodoo Queen” of New Orleans. Many believe that Cage believed his purchasing of other property in New Orleans placed a curse on him, and in his mind needs a tomb near Marie Laveau to be relieved of this curse. 

It is unclear exactly why Nicholas Cage would have this interest in the city and with this specific tomb, but it seems to be a safe bet that there is more to the story than anyone knows, given the secrecy and sheer randomness of this tomb and its location. The St. Louis Cemetery is a popular tourist attraction for people who want to explore the alleged supernatural aspects of the historic city, and if you ever happen to go, keep a lookout for this bizarre white pyramid. 

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