CEO Brian Chesky on 100 Airbnb expansions

Airbnb CEO expects “the biggest travel rebound,” with the latest app improvements and how it will be a game-changer to the way people choose to live their lives anyway and what the business world wants Architects to know for the future. 

Chesky believes that massive travel will happen after travel restrictions pass and more people are ready to connect and travel. Business-minded people are already jumping ahead and becoming hosts allowing people to stay at their homes more than in the past. Knowing this kind of travel will expand as hotel prices skyrocket, Airbnb adapts to this becoming more affordable with more extended travel options. As Chesky in the Airbnb 2021 launch video explains, people choose to stay in urban cities longer.

Airbnb app improvements

As of June 30th, the new flexible destinations will be located in the Airbnb app with different afford ability levels and more extended stay options. The flexible button includes exotic and beautiful places to live, for example, tree houses, cottages, cabins, villas, beachfront, private islands, castles, lighthouses, or houseboats in Japan Ryokans. These also pin point the mileage to what area you want to stay. 
Why is this revolutionarily to the future?

Airbnb may be on to something revolutionary in the way people choose to live and where they choose to work, study and learn in the future. It may even make a living vacation every week a reality. Is this a different way of thinking about living the way you want, anywhere, even on a day trip in the future? Could it even be museums, restaurants, movie theaters, colleges becoming hotels or apartments with rooms? Those are just some things for the young entrepreneur to consider and architects creating a unique and different building.

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