Enjoying Outdoor Adventures In Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas is known primarily for indoor activities like entertainment and gambling but there are fun ways to enjoy outdoor adventures in Sin City. You might think the only outdoor activities are hanging by the pool or going to a day party when there are so many unique outdoor adventures in Las Vegas. 

One outdoor adventure to enjoy the mountains along the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip is going on a guided biking tour or simply renting bikes to enjoy the natural landscape of Nevada. Another fun outdoor adventure is visiting Red Rock Canyon to explore over 2,000 rock climbing routes that are also great for hiking. 

A small ski resort is known as ‘the coolest place in Las Vegas’ offering a variety of outdoor adventures other than skiing. Visitors can enjoy aquatic activities in the off-season like kayaking or paddle boarding down the Colorado River and on Lake Mead along with scenic hiking trails hidden along the hillside. The Colorado River has a unique section leading to the Emerald Cave with crystal clear green and blue waters like a freshwater beach. 

You can live your destruction fantasy at Dig This Las Vegas which offers visitors the chance to learn and play around with construction machinery like bulldozers, excavators, and more. This activity can be planned for individual digs, group sessions, kids’ digs, aggression sessions, mega digs, and more. 

Another popular outdoor activity that can connect you with the natural landscape of Red Rock Canyon is traveling like the cowboys of the wild west on a horseback ride with the option of doing a sunset tour. One way to see Las Vegas from the sky other than helicopters or the Stratosphere is taking a balloon ride with gorgeous panoramic views of Las Vegas and the natural surrounding landscape. 

The Stratosphere has an indoor observation area, but adrenaline junkies can try four of the theme park rides at the highest point in Las Vegas that are all outdoors. The Big Shot is a traditional drop ride catapulting 16 riders at a time 160 feet in the air with a free fall of 45miles per hour in seconds. 

Insanity is appropriately named as passengers ride on a massive mechanical arm extending 64 feet over the edge of the observation deck that is more than 900 feet from the streets of Las Vegas. The Insanity ride has open air speeds of up to three Gs as riders are spin at a 70-degree angle with riders directly facing downwards. 

The X-Scream was designed to face your fear of falling from a tall building face first with riders in a roller coaster car that falls off the edge of the SkyPod 866 feet high propelling riders headfirst 27 feet over the edge of the tower, dangling on the edge of the Stratosphere literally. 

If you think these rides aren’t crazy enough, there is the SkyJump that is built for adrenaline junkies has a rig-assisted descent in which visitors jump from 829 feet zooming at 40 mph to the landing pad. The Stratosphere SkyJump holds the Guinness World Record for highest commercial  decelerator descent facility that adds an extra layer of safety for guests while jumping from the highest point in Las Vegas. 

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