Fun Facts Of Yellow Stone’s Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellow Stone National Park one of America’s most beautiful vacation sites, filled with acres of land to hike sight-see wild bison, gray wolves, bears, eagles, and their magnificent hot spring called the Grand Prismatic Spring, a powerful and colorful beauty. 

Depicted above is the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United States, making it the third largest in the world. The first being Boiling Lake in Dominica and the second being Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand.
Located in Yellow Stone National Park, which is inside Wyoming, is the Grand Prismatic Spring. To find it inside the park, drive 25miles starting from the West Entrance Road and then Grand Loop Road up until you find the Midway Geyser Baskin parking lot, and to take a good view and walkaround, it is suggested to get there early in the morning or around later times in the evening.
The hot spring’s beautiful colors are due to the combination of rich mineral water combined with the pigmented bacteria/ archaea found around the edges called microbial mats, which are the earliest form of life on earth and have fossil evidence from 3,500 million years ago.
This bacterium survives so long because these kinds of the bacterium are on submerged or moist surfaces, which is why they are not found in areas like Egypt or Israel or essentially anywhere with a dessert because of the dryness and lack of rain.
History of the first settlers:

Records suggest that the first settlers were early European explorers. Later, it was recognized by a group of trappers from the American Fur Company; in 1839 and 1870, it got the name excelsior by a group called the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition. 

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