Explore The Freedom Trail In Boston

If you are an American history buff, Boston may just be the single most interesting historical city in the country. If you are in Boston, there are many options to explore the history of Colonial America. However, no place in the city can teach you so much about the origin of the United States as Boston’s famous Freedom Trail.

Boston’s Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile brick-paved walkway that winds through the heart of Boston’s downtown. These 2.5 miles manage to cover some of the most significant historical landmarks in America that can all be experienced along the path by visitors. To be specific, there are 16 important locations along the trail, which starts at Boston Common and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, which is the oldest neighborhood in the city. 

Each of the 16 locations along the Freedom Trail has its own unique stories and history to tell, and you will need to spend time accordingly at each one to truly appreciate the trail in its entirety. What is so fascinating about the Freedom Trail is that you will find that each of the locations are not only linked to each other in a historical sense but also linked to the greater origins of America. You should visit all of the locations on the trail, but a few of the more well-known locations include the Massachusetts State House, the site of the Boston Massacre, the Paul Revere House, and the USS Constitution. 

The trail was created for tourists, and sites along the trail have been highlighted with various markers and informational points. With that being said, the sites themselves remain relatively untouched and in their original states, making a trip on the Freedom Trail a step back in time that will be truly fascinating. The trail also intersects with other parts of American history with the Black Heritage Trail and Boston Irish Famine Memorial being worthy side trips for visitors. Simply put, if you are into the history of America, the Boston Freedom Trail is a must-visit. 

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