The History Behind The White House

The White House dates back over 400 years for a long history involving conflicts, renovations, and remodeling to maintain the most famous home in America.   

The White House is one of America’s most-visited landmarks and gives travelers an inside look at living like the leader of America. The White House has a long history dating back to the 17th century and has prevailed for over 400 years.
The first president George Washington worked with engineer and artist Pierre Charles L’Enfant, reserving 82 acres for a “President’s Park” and eventually invited the idea of constructing the White House. L’Enfant created an original design for the White House that was first known as the “President’s Palace” that was approximately four times the size of the current White House.
For the final approval of the design, L’Enfant’s plans have reduced the scale of the White House and was the biggest house in America until after the Civil War. The total cost of construction cost $272,372, which was a lot of money at the time.

 The construction of the original White House concluded in1972, and the first president to reside in the White House was the second U.S. president John Adams in 1800. The White House is still standing through constant renovations and upkeep. The first major reconstruction of the White House started after British troops set fire to the house in the War of 1812that nearly destroyed the entire landmark. The British forces retaliated for an earlier burning of Canadian government buildings in York, Ontario by Americans.
The fire occurred when the fourth President James Madison was in office, and first lady Dolly Madison saved a priceless work of art of a portrait of George Washington. The north portico (column structure) was constructed in 1824 and the south portico in 1829.

First Lady Caroline Harrison is credited for renovating the White House for electricity to the executive mansion in 1891. Ironically, President Harrison and First Lady Harrison never turned on a light switch due to a fear of being electrocuted.

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