Getting A Manicure Costing Over $10,000

The ultimate luxury beauty experience can be found in California but comes with astaggering price of over $10,000 for diamond manicures and golden pedicures.  

You could be wondering how getting a manicure could possibly cost over five figures, but the answer lies in Irvine, California at Images Luxury Nail Lounge. Many nail salons are known for offering a luxury experience, but this is probably the most luxurious experience being the Rolls-Royce of beauty salons.
Images offer a variety of luxury (and yes expensive) beauty experiences in a salon that is more beautiful than most homes let alone a beauty salon. The most exclusive experience they offer is the Glitz and Glamicure package that has no fixed price as it is truly a unique salon experience.
The package is exclusive as soon as you walk in the door asthe salon is closed for the single client experience and are greeted with a glass of champagne by the salon manager. The Glitz and Glamicure package is more than a private salon experience as the lucky lady or gentleman is treatedto a luxury facial, waxing/threading for eyebrows, eyelash extensions, Botox, celebrity hair/makeup artists, champagne with French pastries, a golden pedicure, and a GIA-certified diamond manicure.

 Yes, that is correct, and your eyes are not deceiving you, the main part of the package is getting a manicure with real diamonds officially certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that verifies all the diamonds are the real deal. Images describe the package as a full makeover and they aren’t selling it short, literally.
To start the pampering process, the client will get a consultation with a diamond specialist jeweler to choose the diamonds they want for the manicure. The package price varies depending on the choice of diamonds (considering size and quantity) by the client with the base price starting at $10,000.
The average price for this package can cost over $50,000 depending on what the client wants and with the client in control, the sky is the limit for pricing. All of the diamonds are real along with the prices with some of the smallest stones costing $150 each to start and the price increases depending on the size let alone if you want multiple stones. One of the bigger diamonds they offer is $25,000 alone, imagine having a car in a single stone on your fingernail.
After the client chooses which diamond for their fabulous fingernails, they start the process by getting acrylic nails to support the weight of the diamond. Images are also known for having a huge array of nail polish colors and luxury brands to choose from including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and even Christian Louboutin.

The manicure is just the start of this luxury experience as clients are pampered with a pedicure with rose petals and 24 karat gold flakes to match glow from head to toe. This experience might be pricey but images says it’s a moment that clients will remember forever. 

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