Launching A Prosperous Freelance Career Remotely

Get the most out of what you do, all in sweatpants and a jacket by starting in freelance work see what companies are looking for like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

As remote freelance jobs are on the rise for new college graduates and people looking for work right now, starting a freelance career doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Here are a few things to consider while thinking of starting a career as a freelancer.

Wondering who hires freelancers and what requirements of skill sets are they looking for that could be you? Many businesses are looking for freelancer writers and proofreaders with specialties in high-tech, travel, education, tele-health, counseling services, real estate, and more.


The high-tech industry tends to seek freelancers because it is a less costly way to get web designers, graphic design, short-term technical projects, web coding, and SEO/SEM help. They also tend to look for people that can speak and write in multiple languages. High-tech companies hiring right now on job websites for Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, and Lenovo. 

Real Estate Agencies

The real estate industry has been trying to become more remote mainly due to the pandemic. The great use of technology allowing real-estate agents to give self-guided online tours, tenant screening, documents on templets, and collecting digital signatures more effectively. Utilizing this technology real estate agencies can have tasks assigned more efficiently, they also can have online rental portals, much like signing up for a college dorm for a university on the student portal website. 

Creative Writing Jobs

Remote work for social media content creators and bloggers and copywriters is widely sought out from digital marketing agencies; even bloggers are required to travel worldwide to write about travel. Those are called travel bloggers and writing jobs like ghostwriting. The writing of someone’s story is remotely sought out on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

Proofreading/Editorial Jobs

Many editorial jobs and proofreading jobs are now remote and require freelancers to help them edit documents and articles, copywriting, or essays.

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