The Future of Film

How is the film a melting pot of mass media, and what’s to come?

A New Film Curriculum

Many film motion picture studios make a film on online platforms. The media industry has expanded. Many movie studios already have parts of the mass media like online news platforms, printed press, broadcast news, and other parts of the press.

Colleges are already changing their mass media curriculums to teach students the new advancements in the media such, as HTML, JavaScript, and SEO. Mass media students are equipped with writing for all mass media platforms and graphic designing skills.

The new job description that works when working your way up in the film industry. 

 Content writing is the new name for a screenwriter; they usually do e-mail marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and more. These jobs are for creative thinkers and solid writers/editors that understand reaching an audience through social media and knowing current trends. The new way of consuming media could explain the future of the entertainment business and what’s to come from people’s thinking. The possibilities are endless such as: 

  • Who will make the movies and with an agency in mind?
  • How are they designed?
  • Where are people watch movies?
  • Creating new apps and social media
  • Networking 

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