The Charm Of Charleston

The coastal town of Charleston, South Carolina is known for its historical sites, nature, and charming downtown area. 

Charleston, South Carolina is a fascinating tourist destination in that it offers a slice of America that is not exactly found anywhere else. It is a perfect suitor for a wide variety of interests, from history buffs to families, and nature lovers. Aside from the vast choices in activities that Charleston has to offer, the city also just has a charm to it that my writing can not truly do justice, but have to be there to experience.
The sites of Downtown Charleston are probably what most people first visualize when they think of the city. What sets it apart from nearly anywhere else is that for the most part, its 1600s era Victorian architecture remains largely intact. Combine that with the Southern charm and the seaside port feel of the city that is given from the streets laced with palm trees, and you have a place unique not only to America but to the world. There are plenty of historic sites and monuments you will want to see in Downtown Charleston, and I recommend taking a guided tour to see as much as possible in a short amount of time.
If you like to explore nature, this surrounding area of Charleston has you covered. The nearby islands such as Sullivans Island and Isle of the Palms are beautiful. The area is surrounded by wetlands and marshes teeming with wildlife, and there are many ways to explore them. I recommend renting either kayaks or paddleboards at Shem Cheek to be able to get out on the water with your freedom.
Regardless of where you live, Charleston offers a great retreat for anyone looking to unwind, or for people looking to be more adventurous. As I said previously, however, there is no real way words can do this city justice. You will just have to come to see for yourself.

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