This Texas Town is Being Haunted by Mysterious Lights

The desert town of Marfa, Texas and its surrounding regions are home to a mysterious phenomenon that has yet to be explained. 

For centuries near the current town of Marfa in West Texas, glowing and dancing orbs of lights have been in explicably witnessed by people. Groups of people ranging from the indigenous Apache,Spanish conquistadors, the United States military, to the town’s modern residents have observed the phenomenon. What is perhaps even more strange is that to this day we still have no good explanation of what has become known as the “Marfa Lights”.
As you can imagine, there are stories and conspiracy theories everywhere concerning the Marfa Lights. Believers and enthusiasts of the paranormal have attributed the lights from anything ranging from the spirits of conquistadors to literal UFOs. Science has also taken a crack at explaining the Marfa Lights and has found nothing definitive in terms of answers. One potential explanation is that the lights are a result of a phenomenon known as “Fata Morgana”, which is where light is refracted due to layers of air that are at different temperatures. This could mean that light from other sources is being projected to appear as if they are floating.

 Another potential scientific explanation for the Marfa Lights could be that gasses in the air catch fire when in contact with oxygen. This is an already proven phenomenon to occur in many swamps due to the specific gasses that are emitted from those regions. While Marfa, Texas is not in a swamp, it is located in a major oil and natural gas hotbed which could be responsible for emitting similar gasses into the air.
What is perhaps most bizarre about the Marfa Lights is the fact that even the most plausible seeming scientific explanations about the lights come with some serious holes in their theories. There is nothing special about Marfa that would cause the Fata Morgana to only occur there, as well as any concrete proof that the chemistry of the gasses produced from the oil and natural gas industry in the area could produce glowing orbs.Is it possible that something more mysterious and supernatural is the answer?

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