Thomas Jefferson’s Observation Soup Recipe

What were the best times during a president’s time in the White House? The meals included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, of course.  

What were the recipes given to the White House by first ladies starting from day one? From America’s Four Fathers who brought some fantastic recipes that can be found on the NCBLA National Children’s Book Literacy Alliance website. They source recipes stored from the Library of Congress website and pages from the Library of Congress “President’s Cook book” to their site’s digital library. 

Thomas Jefferson

President Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) was known for writing the declaration of independence and the architecture of the White House. with a late bit of socially awkward tendencies mentioned throughout his time in history. Aside from being a Founding Father and American president, it turns out Jefferson also had a passion for cooking. This recipe was sourced from and we hope you enjoy this recipe dating back to the 17th century.  

Thomas Jefferson’s Observational Soup Recipe

1.      Always observe to lay your meat in the bottom of the pan with a lump of fresh butter.
2.      Cut the herbs and roots small and lay them over the meat.
3.      Cover it close and put it over a slow fire.
4.      This will draw forth the flavors of the herbs and in a much greater degree than to put on the water at first.
5.      When the gravy produced from the meat is beginning to dry, put in the water, and when the soup is done, take it off.
6.      Let it cool and skim off the fat clear. Heat it again and dish it up. When you make white soups never put in the cream until you take it off the fire. 

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