Top 4 Cafés Owned By Luxury Fashion Brands

What’s inside these bucket-list dining experiences made by high-end fashion designers around the world? These are a must-try while traveling on vacation from the Dior Café, Chanel’s Beige at Chanel Tokyo, Gucci’s Osteria da Massimo Bottura, and Prada’s Bar Luce. Explore their rich cuisine, shopping, and history. 

Dior Café- Miami Design District, U.S.
The Dior café is in the Miami art district, lovely for shopping designer clothes and foodies. It is also where you can visit the Miami art museum. On the menu, they have macarons, cappuccinos with a powdered chocolate Dior, croissants, avocado toast with fresh bread, and a complementary assortment of French baguettes and sesame French crusty bread with butter.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura- Florence, Italy
The Gucci Osteria in Florence is the original birthplace of the house of Gucci, inspiring inclusion and creativity. The restaurant and Gucci shop has three different locations in Florence, Beverly Hills, and Tokyo, each serving a classic Gucci spin on fine dining filled with color and taste.
Their chefs are thoroughly hand-picked for their mastery of cookery craftsmanship and offer cooking classes for guests at the restaurant. Their menu varies based on each chef’s specialties; in LA, they have pasta and seafood, in Florence, they have their signature menu items, the Emilia Burger and Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano Cream.

Beige at Chanel – Tokyo, Japan
Chanel’s restaurant was called Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo after the French-born Monégasque chef was founded in 2004 while Channel collaborated with Ducasse Paris. That is why their menu is the finest of French cuisine with hand-picked Japanese ingredients. 
The Executive Chef Kei Kojima features main course dishes off resh fish and meat cooked light with sauces. Pastry chef Douglas Oberson features a dessert menu with a dark chocolate golden flaked cake, black rose cake with chocolate ice cream, and beautiful assortment of pastries. 

Bar Luce by Prada – Milan, Italy
The Bar Luce, located in Milan, Italy, features an evening bar and Restaurant Torre (located on the sixth floor) that Rem Koolhaas designed in 2018. You can visit the Torre and Bar Luce bars in the Prada Foundation building that also features a book shop, art gallery, and cinema. 
The Bar Luce guests can play in the pinball area and purchase candy in the mini candy store section. The Torre menu features items for all courses, including paninis, sandwiches, pastas, pastries, desserts, and cappuccinos. The staple menu favorites are the shrimp sandwich and a panini stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, and bruschetta. 

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