Top Rated World’s Craziest Dining Experiences

Bucket list dining experiences to try while traveling on vacation with the most well sought out entertainment and action-packed fun worldwide, the Choder Brewery and Spa, Jekyll and Hyde Club, and more.

Chodovar Brewery and Spa—Chodova Plana, Czech Republic

The Chodovar Brewery Located in the middle of the historical area of the Chodovar family’s brewery and the Bohemian Forest. The restaurant and hotel include massages, a beer spa bath, a whirlpool, and an aroma sauna.

They also have dinner, a romantic beer spa room for two, and hot stone massages—the beer spa water is made with ale yeast and active substances that improve blood flow and skin problems.

Jekyll and Hyde Club—91 7th Ave S, New York City

Located on 91 7th Ave NYC, Jekyll and Hyde Club is a restaurant not known for its food but its entertainment. With a live show, bathroom uncased in secret hidden bookshelves in the wall, waiters acting like Jekyll and Hyde, moving objects that come at people eating their foods.

Lapland Hotels and SnowVillage Restaurants—Kittilä, Finland

The Lapan Hotel and Restaurant is an igloo in Finland with chairs, sculptors all made from ice. The restaurant serves reindeer in three ways sautéed, filet, or sausage style. They also roasted arctic char, and for desserts, they do sea buckthorn crème brûlée, almond cake, spruce sprout ice cream, and salty caramel. To stay at the hotel, which is in an igloo, you must bring a snowsuit and shoes to easily maneuver out of your suit. Their non-cold option is a cozy fire-placed log cabin style restaurant called The Log Restaurant.

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