U.S. Mint Honors Historical Women

All Americans will get the chance to change currency history with the U.S. mint taking a poll on which female historical figures should be featured in new coin series.  

Historically, United States currency has prominently featured male historical figures leaving out the ladies forming America’s history. Since the streamlining of American currency after World War I, only three women have appeared on American coins, including Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea on dollar coins, as well as Helen Keller featured on a limited-edition quarter. 
The United States Mint will be making history with the American Women Quarters Program that will feature as many as 20 historic American women beginning in January 2022. The American Women Quarters Program has announced the first two candidates, including famed writer Maya Angelou and the first woman astronaut Dr. Sally Rides. 
These coins will honor women who have contributed to America’s history with designs emblematic of the contributions and accomplishments by prominent American women. The new quarters program will begin January 2022 as The Mint will annually issue up to five different reverses (tails) designs over a four-year period continuing through 2025. Americans will have the chance to nominate a historical woman to be featured in the American Women Quarters Program on the National Women’s History Museum website, giving you the opportunity to write history. 

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