Bloomingdales opens a Bloomie’s store

First, look inside Bloomie’s awesome Cuban restaurant and awesome customer service digitally enhanced mini Bloomie’s store. This new store will bring a twist to the department store. 

Bloomingdale’s is planning to launch their first miniature Bloomie’s store in the Mosaic District Shopping Center in Fairfax, Virginia. The store will have makeup, clothing, accessories, fragrances, a little bit of home décor but not major furniture or mattresses. They also plan to offer an intimate wear and activewear line as well. 
The new store will offer high-end brands like Jimmy Choo, Rag and Bone, Gucci, Parade, and Dior, along with plans to have some emerging labels they think their customers will enjoy at moderately priced options. Bloomie’s store will not include their competition’s brands in the Mosaic District like Sephora, Lululemon, Madewell, and Anthropology because they would be so close by that it wouldn’t be ideal for them to do business with Bloomie’s brand.

 Their dressing rooms will also feature a built-in digital dressing room, and they will have a front desk area for customer service where there are tailoring, stylist, and return options. It is supposed to feel very customer service oriented and coinvent to the customers. Customers supposedly will price match and contact a store worker at a touch of a button.
Inside their store will be a Cuban-style restaurant called “Colada Shop.” They will offer Cuban menu items, including coffee, mojitos, pina coladas, Cuban sandwiches, croquets, cocktails, and more.

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