Human Error Combined With Geological Phenomenon Created This Location

This bizarre, yet manmade wonder in the middle of the Nevada desert lies Fly Geyser, which is a place you need to check out on your next road trip.  

On the periphery of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is Fly Geyser, which is an incredible-looking geyser. However, this place is not entirely naturally occurring, with human error being responsible for its existence.
Over 100 years ago farmers were trying to make the area suitable for farming and started drilling a well, but accidentally ran into a pocket of geothermal water that was over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This mistake was even further exposed by another drilling attempt in 1964 that also failed, forcing the geyser to grow larger. The water’s mineral content was high and ended up forming a geyser with its natural seal broken.
Although an accident, the geyser is weirdly cool to see. It was called Fly Geyser because it looks like a giant fly, and displays a wide variety of bright colors. The geyser is somewhat hard for people to access, as it is located on Fly Ranch which is 3,800 acres of land purchased by the Burning Man Project recently.
The nearest city of any significant size is Reno, which is 2 hours away. It is worth noting that through the months of April to October, you can take a guided walking tour of the geyser and the area surrounding it. Despite its remote location, it is still a worthwhile side trip for many due to the oddity of the site. It uniquely contrasts the Nevada desert wilderness and actually draws a good amount of tourists who stop by on their road trips in hopes of catching this marvel.

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