The Immense Beauty Of Oregon’s Crater Lake

Located in the Cascade Mountains of South-Central Oregon lies the deepest lake in America. Crater Lake is not your typical lake, however, as it features an intriguing geological story and offers unique views unlike anywhere else on the planet. 

 In 1902, the United States established Crater Lake National Park for the area near the lake and its surrounding mountains, making this natural marvel highly accessible for tourists. The lake was created as a result of a massive volcanic eruption over 7,000 years ago, and as a result, sits in the middle of dramatic mountain peaks in a way that makes the lake resemble a giant crater leftover from a meteor. The eruption caused the lake to be nearly 2,000 feet deep, which makes it the deepest lake in America and one of the deepest lakes in the world. The water source of the lake is entirely from the snow and rainfall, with the mountains protecting it from draining. As a result, the water of the lake is an intense shade of bright blue. 

If you are thinking of visiting Crater Lake and the surrounding areas, there are many activities you can do. For the most full experience of the entire lake in a short amount of time, I recommend driving Rim Road, which goes around the entire lake and offers more than 30 scenic overlooks. Keep an eye out for Pinnacles Overlook and Pumice Castle Overlook for some of the best views. If you have enough time, you can hike some of the smaller trails off the side of the road and can make Rim Road a full day outing. If you have more time in the park, you can hike some of the more extreme longer trails around the lake. Crater Lake is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts with an incredibly diverse selection of plant and animal life. In fact, the lake is the only place in the world where you can find the Mazama newt. 

Crater Lake is a truly unique spot in a remote part of America’s vast wilderness. A trip to this amazing place is a reminder of how unique and diverse the landscape of this country can be. 

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