Inside America’s Most Extravagant Celebrity Pet Spa

D`pet Hotel in LA, NY, and the UK is a very expensive pet luxury spa where A-lister celebrities treat their pets to a visit with an A-rated veterinary pet hospital, a grooming salon, private rooms for your pet with a TV, and pet chef. 

D`pet Hotel in LA, NY, and the UK
With renowned press, this pet spa offers many accommodations from spa grooming treatment, puppy yoga, puppy gym, chef, and individual hotel suites for your pet to stay overnight. Visiting pets will also have access to a vet clinic and pet store. This pet spa has been used by A-list celebrity pets like Ariana Granda, Drew Barrymore, and Robert de Niro.
The pet store founder 
With success in the hotel and marketing industry where she worked for Lulu Lemon to have come up with her first puppy hotel franchise in Los Angeles that went so well, her new location is in Chelsea, New York City along with other locations around the country. The hefty fee of $300 an hour is the price for the whole day at the spa which includes a rejuvenating message and detox wrap cleaning their body and fur coat.

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