Netflix Plans On Setting The Story Straight With Britney Spears Documentary

If you haven’t heard of this project, you are among the many who are unaware of the latest secret Netflix project for a Britney Spears documentary that will reveal more than ever before regarding her conservatorship. This documentary will follow previous projects including the Hulu production in partnership with The New York Times “Framing Britney Spears” and an upcoming new episode of the series titled “Controlling Britney Spears.” 

“Controlling Britney Spears” of the series created by The New York Times will air on Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. and Netflix will also be revealing more about Spears’ personal life in “Britney Vs Spears” as she fights for her own personal freedom that started in 2008. Spears has battled the conservatorship for over 10 years and now the world will be learning the truth behind the control imposed on her through the conservatorship. 

“Britney Vs Spears” will be covered by journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigating the entirety of Britney’s fight for freedom with exclusive interviews and confidential information that hasn’t been released until now. “Britney Vs Spears” will be released on Sept. 28 and the release date will coincide with a pivotal moment in Britney’s life as the next hearing for her conservatorship is planned for Sept. 29. The upcoming court case will determine whether her father, Jamie Spears, is removed as her legal guardian and conservator. 

The #FreeBritney movement has supported ending the conservatorship of Britney starting back in 2008 when the pop star was admitted to UCLA Medical Center twice within weeks, being placed on a 5150 hold that is a psychiatric hold for a mental evaluation. Shortly after, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, orders the Los Angeles County Supreme Court to place Britney in an emergency temporary conservatorship where he was named her conservator along with attorney Andrew Wallet of Britney’s estate. 

The person under the conservatorship has no control over their life including choices regarding medical treatment, financial choices, and even the choice of having more children. By July 2008, the Los Angeles Superior Court Commission extends Jamie’s control of his daughter’s life and in October 2008 the courts extended the conservatorship indefinitely. Several years after living under the conservatorship of her father, Britney addresses her conservatorship publicly for the first time in 2016. 

The conservatorship also affected her financially as she announced an indefinite hiatus for her Las Vegas Residency ‘Britney: Domination’ after her father falls ill in January 2019 and shortly after, Britney’s professional lawyer Wallet resigned as being Britney’s conservator. A couple of months later Britney checked herself into a mental health treatment center from April 3-25 but members of the #FreeBritney movement are convinced she went against her will.  

By September, Jamie filed a motion with the courts to temporarily step down as her conservator citing “personal health reasons” and Britney gets a court-appointed attorney Samuel D Ingham III. Nearly one year later, in August 2020 the court extends the conservatorship until early 2021and Ingham filed a motion to express Britney’s wishes to not have her father continue in the role of a conservator. 

By October 2020, Ingham questions Britney’s capacity in court with a filing from August stating the conservatorship was voluntary and Britney’s lawyer can file the paperwork to end it whenever she pleased. The court case became even more dramatic when Britney pleads with the courts to remove her father as a conservator and a week later Britney announced she will no longer be performing out of fear of her father who would oversee her earnings. 

The court battle continues to this day and you can learn more about the #FreeBritney movement with the new documentary “Britney Vs Spears” on Netflix. Some of the date and research for this article was sourced from Yahoo News. 

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